Are There Any Restrictions to Who Can Become an Aircraft Pilot?

While you might be eager to get your first airplane and learn to fly, the matter isn’t always so simple, even if you do have enough money to buy yourself a real private jet. There are requirements set in place by the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) relating tot who is eligible to become a certified pilot.
child is holding a paper airplane in the sky

First of all, it’s important to note that there are specific age-related restrictions. No student can be younger than 16 to enroll in flight school, and if you want to pilot a glider or a balloon, you still have to be at least 14 years old. That being said, the FAA will not require you to have a student certificate in order to take flying lessons.

In the US, aspiring sport and recreational pilots are required to understand, speak and write English correctly. Also, there is a significant need for beginning pilots to demonstrate an ability to assimilate knowledge, including anything from airspace rules and procedures, to flight characteristics and capabilities of aircraft. Finally, a medical exam will be required as well.

Your US state driver’s license will be required. In the absence of one, you can present a 3rd class or higher Airman Medical Certificate. This will ensure that you are medically fit to fly an aircraft.

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