How Long Does It Take to Learn to Fly and How Can You Speed Up the Process?

Learning how to fly a plane is no laughing matter. Even though being aboard a plane and flying at an altitude of well over 4,000 feet may sound simple when you’re just trying your luck with a basic aircraft in a simulation, learning even the most basic of maneuvers can take a lot of time – not to mention getting used to performing them in a real life aircraft.

Despite the fact that learning to fly in record time through an approved course may seem far fetched, the best pilots will usually have no difficulty. Instructional flying lessons in Denver take anywhere from three weeks to several months to speed through the basics of flying, and the additional practice period required with an on-board instructor will differ for every candidate.

Also, if the flight school you’re using allows for a more flexible schedule, and you’re not flying as often as other candidates, it makes sense that you might need up to a year to get your certification.

The time required can be accelerated a great deal if you practice more intensely and get more frequent practice sessions both with the simulator and in a real airplane. Most instructors will advise you to do so, however, even with the maximum number of practice and learning hours per day, you’re still looking at several weeks before you can complete the minimum of 20 hours of flight instruction required by Federal Aviation Regulations.

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