The Most Famous Women in Aviation History and Their Brilliant Contributions

Although the Wright brothers are widely known for their contributions to the development of the first working aircraft designs, and other famous aviators like Charles Lindbergh and Howard Hughes have made their mark on the world of early flight, there are also many daring women who were equally important and skilled.

One of the most famous female aviators in history is Bessica Faith Raiche – known primarily as Bessie Raiche. She is credited for being the first American woman to ever embark on a successful solo flight aboard an airplane. Bessie Coleman is another notable name, having been the first woman of Native American descent to obtain her international pilot’s license as early as 1921.

There are many other famous women who have had significant achievements in aviation history. Internationally, Raymonde de Laroche was the first woman in the world to obtain a valid pilot’s license.  Influenced and assisted by airplane engineer and aviator, Charles Voisin, de Laroche had her first documented solo flight in 1909.

Amelia Earhart is probably the most famous woman in aviation history, being known for her outstanding flying skills, her daring solo flight across the Atlantic and her mysterious disappearance in 1937.

Despite their contributions at the dawn of the history of flight and their continuing record breaking achievements in the 1950s, women were largely kept away from the main arenas in aviation – especially when it came to commercial flying – until the 1970s, when women were again allowed into the US Airforce as pilots, and pilots like Louise Sacchi and Turi Widerøe became well-known on the international scene.

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