5 Factors That Affect The Strength Of Wingtip Vortices

Have you ever heard “caution wake turbulence” on the radio? A strong vortex created by a wing as it produces lift can be dangerous to smaller aircraft, as you’ll see in the video below.

So here are 5 factors that affect aircraft vortex strength. If you understand these, you’ll better understand why you need to be careful as a large plane lands or departs ahead of you.

1) Aircraft Speed

As the velocity of an aircraft increases, the strength of the vortices is typically reduced. That’s because flying faster typically requires a lower angle-of-attack. It’s also why takeoff and landing are critical times to pay attention to the flight path of large aircraft around you, because they’re going relatively slow and creating large vortices.


2) Aircraft Weight

The heavier the aircraft, the more lift must be produced to sustain flight. Increased lift also increases vortex strength. The A380 below is a great example of this.

Read the full article here: http://www.boldmethod.com/blog/lists/2017/02/5-factors-that-affect-vortex-strength/


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